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The Lord’s Crossing Dominion is commonly divided in four geographical areas with the enormous Imperial Mountain as a ever present titan to the east. The Central portion is located the Dragons Nest Range and produce ample jade, marble and gemstones, as well as more common mining and quarry products.

In the Northern part and separated by the Dragons range mountain is the Dragon Fold Valley (Or simply the Northern Lowlands) where the fertile ground produce a staggering six harvests of rice per year along with vegetables and cattle.

The southern part past the Cloud sky mountain range is the Wormland (or Southern Lowlands) supply the Dominions demand for Bamboo and have many agricultural areas most known to produce gorgeous high-quality cloth and silks.

To the west of the Dragons Nest is the River lands that follows the Serpent tongue rivers and is known for it’s serine beauty, fertile ground and quality bed-and-breakfast style accommodations for visiting patricians and Dynasts

Main Page

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